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Pure Linen

Pure Linen is our fabric of choice here at Wildflower & Oak. Here is why...

Linen is constructed from the fibres of the flax plant and dates back 4000 years to ancient Egyptian civilisations making it one of the oldest recorded textiles in the world. 

STRONG | Pure Linen is a far stronger textile than it's cotton counterpart meaning it will wear more gracefully & last longer. The cellular makeup of linen means that the fabric actually gains strength when wet so it responds well to washing. Many textile experts say that Pure Linen can last decades when cared for correctly. We want to see our blankets passed from baby to baby, over and over.

SOFT | While Linen isn't always known for being quite as snuggly as some cottons our Wildflower & Oak blankets will be delivered to you pre-washed for extra cosiness and will continue to soften with every wash and every use, year after year. 

ALL FOUR SEASONS | Linen is a natural insulator and is celebrated for it's ability to keep you cool when the temperatures are hot while helping keep warmth in when it's cold thanks to it's high heat conductivity properties. We want to keep your baby comfortable all year round.

ABSORPTION | Pure Linen is a hydrophilic fibre which is a fancy way of saying that it absorbs and releases moisture rapidly. Linen has been found to take on 20% of it's weight in water before even feeling damp. This makes it the perfect choice for our seemingly forever damp in one way or another babies. 

GREEN | The production of Linen is kinder on the environment than that of cotton - even the organic variety - as it requires less water, less chemicals and produces lower levels of water toxicity to cultivate.