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Pure Linen Baby Blanket in Sage

Wildflower & Oak

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Sage Pure Linen Baby Blanket
Sage Pure Linen Baby Blanket
Sage Pure Linen Baby Blanket
Sage Pure Linen Baby Blanket
Sage Pure Linen Baby Blanket

Sage. Profoundly wise. An earthy green tone infused with a touch of grey. Whatever way you look at it, the Sage is a divine addition to a baby's most snuggly moments.

The Sage blanket is a grateful nod to nature's most abundant shade. We drew inspiration from the olive and eucalyptus trees when creating this rich but light shade of green for the Debut Collection.

The Sage blanket pairs brilliantly with a diverse range of palettes, making it the perfect addition for a mini miss or a mini mister. We love it paired with neutrals and autumnal colours but find it equally striking alongside your blues and pinks. 

Bundle your little one up in their new Sage linen and imagine you are tucked away on a grassy riverbank enjoying the most perfect picnic lunch among the old willow trees.

We chose pure linen for many, many reasons but principally because it will grow old gracefully with your baby. Linen is strong and durable but will soften over time. The fibres are cool in summer and provide surprising warmth in winter. The icing on the cake is that it is also more environmentally friendly to produce. Linen is king in our eyes. 

With your purchase today, a clean birth kit will be donated to our charity partner Midwives For Haiti, allowing a cycle of love and care for Mamas around the world to continue.  

Ethically Made from 100% Pure Linen.
Hand-Dyed in Melbourne.
98 x 90cm.
Will Soften With Every Use & Every Wash.

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